Brain training with neurofeedback may be the answer you’re searching for.

A Safe Non-Invasive Approach For All Ages

Feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, etc., and wanting support to improve your resilience?

Trouble with focus, attention, behavior, and more? Explore brain training as an effective solution.

Our Approach

You’ll begin your journey with a 20-point EEG brain assessment and heart rate variability scan. Your scans provide a detailed look at your brain’s energy distribution pattern and tell us how well your heart and brain coordinate their functions. With this insight, you’ll receive a personalized training plan.

Your personalized brain training sessions are customized to address your unique brain pattern. Utilizing a whole brain training approach, you’re addressing all the different ways your brain needs guidance to improve its overall function. In each session, you’ll work through a different training block of your whole brain circuit training plan.

As your brain changes, so does your self-awareness. You’ll get the most out of this process with our customized coaching program*. Over time, you’re replacing subconscious and disempowering autopilot programs with more empowering beliefs, practices, and habits.

What is Brain Training Using Neurofeedback?

Ready to Embark on a New Healing Journey?

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