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" The nervous system holds the key to the body’s incredible potential to heal itself "

– Sir Jay Holder MD. DC. PhD

Katie Packwood, NTP and Brain Trainer

A Letter from Katie

I began my foray into health coaching because of personal necessity. My hair was falling out!

Diagnosed with autoimmune alopecia in 2008, I soon realized that the “system” didn’t have good answers for me. Their advice: take steroids and wear wigs. Unsatisfied, I kept looking, convinced there was more to understand about my illness.

I began researching, reading and learning. In 2011 I became a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. As I worked with clients to help them heal their guts, replenish their nutrients, detoxify and heal naturally, I realized how much prior stress and trauma contributed to my clients and my own chronic health issues.

Five years later, my intuition led me to find neurofeedback in 2016. I soon realized how powerful this amazing tool could accelerate healing for both myself and my clients. And it did it relatively fast!

Even after using neurofeedback for over 7 years I still get excited when I observe the transformations and clients share their successes with me.

It’s a pleasure for me to facilitate this empowering process of self-discovery and self-healing. If you are ready to commit to yourself and your innate ability to heal, I would love to work with you.


Katie Packwood

The Team


Brain Training Tech

I found neurofeedback after experiencing great loss at 21 years old. I lived in fear and anxiety, affecting every aspect of my life. Six friends passed away in a span of two years, and I needed time to heal and put my mental well-being first.

I noticed dramatic improvements in my mental health after starting neurofeedback. The quality of my sleep greatly improved. I could actually focus on the present moment instead of dwelling in the past. My anxiety and fear lessened.

Fascinated by how quickly I noticed differences in my own well-being, I sought out an opportunity to work in this field. I know many young adults like me struggle with anxiety and are unsure of how to cope with life’s pressures. It’s so exciting to see neurofeedback work in my own life and the lives of our clients.

Our Mission

Our team believes the best opportunity for true healing is to help the brain learn how to self-heal. We combine neurofeedback, Psych-K, and lifestyle coaching to partner with clients to help facilitate their healing.

The brain is an amazing organ, and our process teaches the brain how to self-regulate. A well-regulated brain is instinctively better at solving its own problems. We are here to support our clients’ transformation every step of the way.

Our Values

Encouraging the
process of self discovery

Embracing the power
of innate healing

positive change

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We proudly offer effective and innovative solutions to support mental health, including neurofeedback. We welcome new team members who care about supporting each other and creating a warm, nurturing environment. When you join our team, you’ll benefit from opportunities for career mentoring and development.

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A well-regulated brain is instinctively better at solving its own problems. Are you ready to help your brain learn how to heal itself? If yes, contact us to schedule your free 15-minute consultation to discover how brain training with neurofeedback can help you.

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