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The last few years have really taken a toll on so many people. Already stressful lives went over the edge for many since 2020. Social stress, financial stress, health stress and emotional stress are at all time highs.

While some people find temporary relief in a glass of wine or weekend in the mountains, many people instinctively feel that they are ready to find real solutions to their lifelong challenges…ready to face the fact that they’re stuck in auto-pilot habit loops that aren’t serving them. If you’re ready to break free of old patterns, improve your resilience and increase your ability to navigate the inevitable stressors of daily life, brain training could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Some of the symptoms that our adult clients
have successfully dealt with include:

Children & Teens

Kids and teens are struggling now more than ever. In the past few years parents have noticed elevated levels of stress, anxiety, and behavioral issues with their children and teenagers.

Reports indicate the pandemic exacerbated an already growing crisis in mental health for youth and many parents feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn.

Many things can negatively impact kids today. Environmental toxins, poor quality food, excessive electronic exposures, and stress affect childrens’ behavior and their emotional and cognitive health.

If you’re a parent looking for an effective way to help your child feel more empowered, more regulated, and more hopeful about the future, neurofeedback is an effective solution.

Neurofeedback For Children & Teens

Brain training with neurofeedback is a process that improves a child’s ability to self-regulate. With good self-regulation, a child can organically better solve their own problems and improve their level of self-awareness. Neurofeedback is not only effective but it’s also long lasting.

Parent’s most common feedback is how they notice the improvements their child experiences also helps create more harmony and relieve stress for the entire family. The best part, kids enjoy their neurofeedback sessions!

Working with hundreds of kids over the past
several years we’ve seen success with children and
teens struggling with various symptoms including:

We specialize in families. Ask us about special rates and pricing when more than one family member participates in the program.

Ready to Embark on a New Healing Journey?

Wherever you are in your own personal healing journey, now is the best time to commit to a new effective way of addressing old and unhealthy patterns and teaching your brain how to help itself.

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