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What Our
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We offer an empowering process that teaches the brain how to fix itself so anyone struggling with mental, emotional, and physical symptoms can think better, feel better, and be better.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Build resilience and support long-term healing by helping your brain heal itself. Utilizing a whole brain training approach, you’re addressing all the different ways your brain needs guidance to improve its overall function.

Combine brain training with a lifestyle coaching program and PSYCH-K to help you replace unhealthy habits with empowering, health building practices.

A comprehensive approach to uncover and address root causes of stress and trauma by combining several modalities including neurofeedback, coaching, PSYCH-K, and The RASHA* This is a customized package based on your needs and desired outcomes.

Review our Care Parameters

We support clients whose primary symptoms are related to their brain and mental health. This includes issues related to mood, cognitive function, and behavior.

Your initial assessment and neurofeedback appointments must be in person. Our office is currently located in Eagle, ID and we work primarily with people who live in Eagle and the surrounding area, including Boise and Meridian.

We are committed to your success and only work with clients fully committed to the process and long-term healing. After an initial assessment, if you choose to move forward with braining training, your starting package includes a minimum of 24 sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked with children as young as four and adults as old as 85. For children, the process does require that the child be reasonably able to sit still during the sessions. We have tricks and techniques for working with kids who tend to wiggle. Most kids respond very well to the process and find it relaxing and enjoyable.

The cost of your neurofeedback sessions varies. We offer a variety of packages. Your cost is determined by the number of sessions and the package you choose.

The initial assessment cost is based on two assessment options, one for children 15 and under and one for ages 16 and up. The initial assessment for children is $240. The initial assessment for ages 16 and up is $360.

For children 15 and younger, we do a 20-point EEG and discuss your child’s needs and goals. This is a two-part appointment. In part one, we record the EEG, and in part two, we discuss the findings and answer your questions about the process.

For 16 and up, we do a 20-point EEG, a heart rate variability scan and discuss your needs and desired goals for neurofeedback training. This is a two-part appointment. In part one, we record the EEG and heart rate variability scan, and in part two, we review the findings and talk through your desired outcomes and how to achieve them using neurofeedback and potentially other coaching or modalities.

These initial appointments and intake are important for creating your brain training plan and determining which package is right for you or how many sessions are ideal for you or your child.

Neurofeedback sessions are 55 minutes.

Our goal is to ensure you get results and meet your personal goals. If you travel a lot during the initial period (first 6-8 weeks), we may recommend waiting to begin your training plan. This is because consistency with the frequency of your sessions (minimum 2 per week), especially at the beginning of a program, is recommended for optimal results.

We find that being inconsistent or missing a session or two occasionally has less of a detrimental impact on your progress after you complete a few repetitions of your training circuit.

The number of recommended sessions is based on your individual symptoms, goals, and lifestyle. Younger children and teens tend to get quicker results than adults.

To achieve the best results, expect to invest in at least 24 sessions, ideally two sessions per week.

Everyone is unique, but many previous clients discover they experience the greatest shifts and feel optimal when they do closer to 40 sessions or more.

Please inquire about our first responders, military and veteran discounts. We also offer family discounts when two or more family members decide to train together.

No. We can, however, accept some HSA plans depending on your plan’s regulations.

Yes, inquire for details.

Still have questions?

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Send me a message and let's get it answered!

Still have questions?

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Send me a message and let's get it answered!

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Wherever you are in your own personal healing journey, now is the best time to commit to a new effective way of addressing old and unhealthy patterns and teaching your brain how to help itself.

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